Are you bummed out because baby's first birthday can't be celebrated in person?

I hear ya! The good news is that you can still have a party and celebrate the absolutely amazing year you and bub have had with your friends and family! Even if everyone is scattered across the globe.

Includes Virtual Party Prep Pack

and super simple copy and paste instructions for your guests!

Themed Facebook Event & Group Cover Photos

So you don't have to make your own

Plan your little one's First Birthday with ease!

I know missing out on celebrating a big moment like their first birthday is HARD! I'm right there with you.

  • Celebrate with Friends and Family even when you can't get together in person

  • Anyone who hasn't met bub yet can do so online!

  • Bring joy and fun to everyone's day, because we can all use more celebration

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Getting Started

    • Welcome

    • Party Pack Planner

    • Inviting Your Guests

  • 02

    How To

    • How to Use Zoom

    • How to Use Facebook Groups

    • How to use Facebook Events

    • How to Post on a schedule to Facebook Groups

  • 03

    Instructions for Guests

    • Facebook Group with Zoom

    • Facebook Group

  • 04

    Games & Activities

    • Game Ideas

    • Guess My Age

    • Baby Pictionary

    • Guess the number of...

    • Story Time...

  • 05

    Facebook Covers

    • Facebook Event Covers

    • Facebook Group Covers